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Read testimonials from recent patients of Dr. Marjan Kaveh at Chiropractic Neurology Enhancement Center

Dr. Kaveh is truly a gem. she is extremely thorough, patient and kind . I searched 10 years for a great chiropractor after moving from NY to Florida. She is by far the best chiropractor and with the combination of neurology , was able to quickly resolve tingling , numbness and pain I had for several months . I've also had RA for 12 years and wondered how food sensitivity directly affected it . Dr. Kaveh offers a whole body approach to your health .
Give her a try !

- Darlene A. Pompano Beach, FL

My first appointment with Dr. Marjan Kaveh was actually at a different location about a year and a half ago. I needed physical therapy and adjustments from a zip lining accident. She was extremely knowledgeable, friendly, and accommodating. When she changed locations I made it a mission to find her new office and continue seeing her. She genuinely cares about your health and wellness, and she takes the time to explain what she is doing and exercises/practices that will be beneficial to your fast recovery. Her experience and knowledge were invaluable to my recovery, and I will only see her when I need chiropractic services now. Whenever a friend or family member mentions an issue they have or an injury that they are recovering from I tell them to see Dr. Kaveh!

- Melissa S. Palm Springs, FL
Marjan is the most competent, thorough, interesting, and kind healthcare provider I have EVER worked with. Her holistic approach to treatment has helped me with pain and so many other issues. She does much more than just making adjustments. I have been seeing Marjan for about three months now and I always feel better when I walk out of her office, and I am noticing various health issues start to gradually improve (fatigue, digestion,etc...). I highly recommend Marjan!
- Kymberly L. Santa Rosa, CA

"I'm not a big review writer, but I felt like i do need to write a sentence or two about my experience with Dr. Kaveh. My husband and I went to Dr. Kaveh a few weeks ago. She was very thorough with her initial evaluation and I felt great after my adjustment. I felt like she was actually listening to me which I find a rare feature in many medical practitioners nowadays. I would recommend her to anyone."

- Carol S.

"Dr. Marjan Kaveh is the greatest! I had the most thorough evaluation ever from a chiropractor on my first visit and the following adjustment sessions are definitely not the usual adjust you a couple times and you're out quickly type of treatments. I walked better coming out of her office after just one session feeling better than I have in years of seeing chiropractors. I was ready to go out dancing!"

- Kath T.

"Dr. Kaveh actually treats her patients with all the tools she has available to her to do so, she does not hold back and try to string you along for 6 months on minimal treatment sessions. She is very strong, yet very gentle, kind, understanding, and effective."

- Dorcas W.

"Marjan is great. She is thorough, patient, and helped me get out of pain very quickly."

- Shiroko S.

"I highly recommend Marjan! Her background in neurology, experience, and knowledge makes her very unique and extremely talented. My first appointment she took a very thorough exam, testing my mind to my eyes to my muscles to my nerves. I really appreciated the time and care so took to get to know me before the adjustments. Her adjustments felt safe and had a lastly effect on my neck and shoulder that were bothering me. Thank you Marjan for your help, knowledge, and heart felt care!!"

- Katie G.

"I am so grateful that I found Dr, Marjan Kaveh. I was facing the prospect of another surgery (years ago I had a multi level spine fusion) and opioids to deal with my chronic pain. Even though I told her I couldn't afford her rates, she offered me a discount so I could come in.

I brought my current MRIs to the appointment and we sat together at her computer while we discussed the pictures of my spine. She was honest with me and let me know that my condition was complicated. She said that though she could not guarantee she could fix it, she knew what to do and it was very much worth a try. She explained what her plan of action would be and I could see it made sense. We agreed to move forward and I am so happy to report that my left leg, which had caused me nerve-jangling pain at every step, is completely pain free. Now we are working on my right side and I have great hope of a full recovery.

When I had my first treatment with Dr. Kaveh she could see that I was afraid. She calmly told me "Fear is not your friend. Don't be afraid, you are in good hands." Truer words were never spoken and I sincerely hope that if you are suffering you find your way to Dr. Marjan Kaveh."

- Miriam G. – Santa Rosa, CA