I am a female chiropractor and functional neurologist trained in the most recent diagnostic and therapeutic applications of brain-based modalities, to find out the root cause of your pain, repetitive injuries, or malfunctions in the nervous system.  I look at your body as a whole and not just shoulder or neck.  Our brain controls every movements, every angle, and every functions.  If there is a mismatch or disconnection in the neuronal pathways we will experience pain, discomfort or imbalance in the systems of our body.  We do complete exam, blood testing, stool testings to analyze the whole systems if necessary.  Once we find a malfunction in the system we will address it naturally without any pharmaceutical interventions.

Our patients include children and adults. We also treat athletes and healthy individuals who want to enhance their performance  and/or recover from injuries. In each case, we thoroughly assess the patient’s general health and the functional state of his or her nervous system. We then determine the best strategy for optimizing overall functionality and wellness.

I am chiropractor so I do adjust the spine if necessary using specific techniques that is suitable for the conditions and age of each individuals. I am well trained in Activator, Drop table, coupled motion Diversified from light to fast techniques.  Your treatment will be specifically individualized  for you!

Our clinic is equipped with many of today’s most advanced testing technologies, enabling us to objectively and thoroughly assess the interactions of the brain and body. And because we work with patients in an intimate setting, we’re able to offer individualized, responsive treatment and rehabilitation. Our relationship with the medical community is collaborative. If the most effective approach for a patient is one we don’t offer, we’ll still recommend it.

At Chiropractic Neurology Enhancement Center I am looking forward in meeting you and helping  you to get back in living your life without any pain or discomfort.  My passion is to help and make a difference in your life.

Welcome. I look forward to supporting you in your quest for wellness.

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